So Many Reasons to Love these 18 x 26 Embroidered Natural Towels

This standard, rectangular tea towel can be used to:

      Keep baked goods warm after coming out of the oven
      Serve meals or be used as a placemat
      Clean up the kitchen table after a meal is done
      Poach, strain, cover or wrap foods in the kitchen
      Try out crafts such as water color painting, printing and more
      Wrap produce to keep it dry and fresh
      Replace paper towels and other disposable paper products
      Dry dishes

The Benefits of 100% Cotton Towels
The rustic 18 inch x 26 inch unbleached flour sack towel looks at home in any kitchen or space, whether your residence has a country feel, classical look or more contemporary style.
These 100% cotton towels are both trendy and functional, with a soft cotton material you will love and trust!
Because these towels aren’t treated with any harsh dyes, they are eco-friendly and safe for use with food!
Using 100% cotton flour sacks will give you more absorbency while also drying very quickly.
The beige cotton fabric is elegant enough for you to use as a napkin, but it is sturdy enough to machine wash.
This strong towel looks great — even with repeated use — and because it is pre-shrunk, it will stay true to its size.

All towels are $12.87 with Free shipping. Click on any picture to see a larger version. Or the PayPal button to buy.

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